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About TraderDaddy
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Daniel Graham
President, Senior Trader and Head Instructor.
Independent financial advisor (series 7, 63, 65, 32) 
Wall Street professional since 2009.
Brian Agus
Partner, Managing Director, Senior Trader and Instructor.
Philip Headshot.jpg
Philip Khatana
Director of Education, Senior Trader.
Owner and Operator of
Sabrina Stephenson
Senior Trader and Instructor.

We have identified a significant gap in personalized education for students and professionals who wish to excel in trading. We did not get the opportunity to learn from professionals in our field in such an accessible way. Therefore, we created TraderDaddy to give others the opportunity to launch their dreams of a trading career with targeted guidance. 


Our energetic team of experienced traders and analysts have set upon a mission to close that gap.


Combining unparalleled knowledge of 40+ years of experience with proprietary implementation allows our educators to teach, coach, and mentor each student to develop the skills necessary to become a profitable trader.


TraderDaddy offers clients a full-time mentorship and educational opportunity that provides the stability and flexibility upon which professionals and students rely.


Our team consists of experts with experience in all markets including Futures, Forex, Equities, and Crypto. We are devoted to teaching the disciplines necessary to master the art of trading and turn your dream into a profitable business. 


We provide a challenging course of instruction with a concentration in understanding and utilizing technical analysis and all of its' elements in order to pinpoint the most predictable and profitable trades. Professionals and students will practice an easy-to-follow system that will be customized to each individuals’ trading goals and level of risk. The interactive and personalized nature of the program targets students of varying levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced, in addition to various lifestyles such as full-time workers or students.  

  • Private interactive sessions in real time

  • Technical and Fundamental analysis

  • Flexible and convenient program scheduling

  • Direct access to trading professionals

  • Diverse programs including mentorships across all markets

  • Lifetime access to a private whatsapp and discord community of traders

Our Mission:

To educate and develop our clients to be able to trade the markets with a predictable, affordable, and successful approach - without having to do it alone.


Adel Al-Aali
Technology Coordinator and Crypto Instructor.

Our Team

Dedication. Vision. Passion.

Our team consists of passionate traders, all of whom work in the market full-time. They have chosen to dedicate their time toward helping you become a successful trader. We know from experience that it is possible and our goal is to show you that you can do it too.

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