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Hywonin Kanzie

New York, NY

"Thank you very much for taking the time to teach and provide us great resources not only in terms of technical analysis but also macroeconomic factors’ analysis. It has been wonderful meeting you and your team and learning every week step by step from you. I truly believe the course is essential to every student recalling our first and final goal as a student: The hope of getting better opportunities and making a better life through education. From my perspective, the ideal student in today’s world would be the one who is able to get back the money injected into tuition and fees by his or her graduation. This course sets you for that. Knowing how to trade currencies and stock is an effective way to make money while taking going to college. Thank you."

Trevor Nelson

Raleigh USA

"I started working with Dan about 3 months ago, after connecting via Before working with Dan I had been trading mostly U.S. equities using a basic technical approach. When I started, I had no knowledge of the Forex market, but over the past 3 months I have gained a love for it. I've begun to create strategy that accounts for everything; from precise entry to defined risk tolerance. Doing this has allowed me to grow my live account by about 20% in just over two weeks. Furthermore, we have explored option plays (which include oil) that have created great risk reward ratios. The experience didn't stop there and has become so much more than trading. Dan has been a mentor to me, as we talk about an array of things outside of trading. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of his help and support. In less than three months, I have looked to start a holding company and obtain a series test with help from Dan. This experience is one of a kind, and I highly recommend it to any trader looking to grow and become one of the best because this team tailors an unique curriculum based on an individuals needs"



New York, NY

"As an Operations Analyst, I have worked part-time with the Foreign Exchange Trading Academy for the past few months. It has truly been an incredible learning opportunity. I worked on marketing campaigns, course accreditation, and as an additional bonus, I gained a great deal of experience in forex trading. I highly recommend going to the meetups, as they are a great introduction for anyone who is interested in the forex world. Our prior analysts have gone on to work at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, so I definitely recommend working here if you are looking to gain some experience and make a big contribution to this fast growing company."  


New York, NY

“I have been learning at Foreign Trading Academy for the last two months. During 2-month study, I have studied a lot about foreign exchange markets. It’s a great chance to know about a new, exciting way to grow your money. Dan and Kristy are good at teaching. They explained the basic terms and patterns on how to trade foreign exchange very clearly. They used analogy to illustrate the definition of support and resistance lines in currency trading, which make the term really easy to understand. It is a great learning experience in Foreign Exchange Trading Academy!”


New York, NY

“There is something for everyone, as the instructor’s focus is on your particular situation which is lacking with many other services. Be prepared with some trading goals and you’ll see that within a matter of weeks you’ve gained flexibility and a better ability to recognize more trade setups to help reach the goals. ” Philip also made a live visual demonstration of his trading with

We're extremely happy to help Philip and all of our clients accomplish their goals!


New York, NY

“My journey began with The Foreign Exchange Trading Academy, LLC when a friend just asked me to help take some notes. That was the quickest four hour meeting I’ve ever been through and from that I was hooked. I wanted to know everything and anything there was to know about forex trading. From there I started out working just a couple hours a week helping out with different things. But I continued to always try to watch and learn as much as I could from the other teachers because I was beyond enthused. I wanted to know everything. Once I finally opened my own demo account and started trading on my own, and with the help of the other teachers, I really fell in love. Watching the candlestick price movements go up and down captivated my interest for hours at a time. Just to mention I am a very visual learner so once I started seeing the patterns in the charts my interest only grew stronger. After only four months of learning and teaching others how to trade, I’ve made it a goal to make it my life’s work. I cannot believe four months later that I am not only working as an instructor but run the company’s operations as well. I never thought this could happen. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as now I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that there are infinite possibilities in this world.”


New York, NY

“I knew nothing about Forex, puts, calls and all this other jargon, but when it was explained how they can benefit me I had a desire to learn more. If anyone doesn’t invest in any of the options out there, you’re crazy. Just my opinion. They definitely customize the program for the way you learn as an individual and are available when you need them Very flexible with my schedule as I work retail, so I work all the hours when everyone else isn’t working. All the staff are very personable and knowledgable. They are very passionate about trading and want to share their knowledge of it all day.”


New York, NY


























New York, NY
















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