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Is it good to read books or use resources online?


Of course. Over the course of our careers, we have all found outside books and resources to be helpful in our development.

Some websites that offer helpful tools include Yahoo Finance, Quiver Quantitative, Open Insider,, and Forex Factory. 

What kind of commitment is needed?


We're extremely flexible yet structured. We have students who meet 4-6 hours a week to as little as 1 hour a month. Schedules change and things happen. We understand that.

What markets do you teach?


Our instructors over 40 of trading experiences in markets ranging from Forex to Futures to Options to Commodities as well as Crypto. We also offer tutoring for series 3,7,34,55, and 65 exams.

Where can I find more information?


You can email us at for any questions.

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