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Forex Curriculum 

Our Forex program is an interactive personalized online session with a trading professional which allows you to learn from anywhere around the world at times that are convenient for you. This program is available as a private 14-week course or as a personalized individual session.

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion as a certified Forex trader.

These are some of the topics covered in our Forex program:


Forex A to Z

Birth of the modern Forex market

What is Forex?

Opening hours

Who takes part to Forex Market?

How are exchange rate determined?

Differences between Forex and Equity trading

   -   Speculative not investment

   -   Not based on material property

   -   Trading equity is more expensive

Why currency traders do not care about recession?

Is return on investment achievable ?

Main currency

   -  USD

   -  Euro

   -  Yen

   -  British Pound

Drivers of Forex market

   -  Economic Growth

   -  Interest rates

   -  Trade balance

   -  Political Stability

Main technical indicators

   -  Moving average

   -  Bollinger Bands

   -  Relative strength index

   -  Stochastical Analysis

   -  Fibonacci

Indicators and Patterns

Line Charts

Bar Charts

Candelstrick Charts

Support and resistance


Triangle Patterns

   -  Symmetrical

   -  Ascending

   -  Descending

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Double Top

Engulfing Pattern

Ichimoku cloud bounce

Forex Technical Strategies

  • Intra-day trading

  • Intraweek trading

  • Trend Trading

  • Range Trading

  • News Trading

  • Scalping

  • Breakout Strategy

  • Bet against breakout

  • Exit strategy

Trader Psychology

  • The Importance of trading rules

  • Avoid revenge-trading and over-trading

  • Greed

  • Fear

  • Euphoria

  • Panic

  • Fear of Missing Out

Risk Management

  • Risk per trade ( no more than x% of total capital, limit risk rate to x%)

  • Overall exposure

  • Stop-loss and take-profit

  • Expected return

  • Limit us of leverage Diversification

  • Option Hedge

  • Trading Journal

Advanced Currency trading strategies

  • Fibonacci Trading

  • Candle strategy

  • Trend Line trading strategy

  • Heikin-Ashi two bar strategy

  • Ikh-Ha strategy

  • Forex Option

  • Position trading

  • Running a successful Forex Business

  • The Syllabus is only used for University/College purposes

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