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Options Curriculum

Our Options program is an interactive personalized online session with a trading professional which allows you to learn from anywhere around the world at times that are convenient for you. This program is available as a private 5-week course or as a personalized individual session.

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These are some of the topics covered in our options program:

Introduction to Options

  • Buying Calls & Puts

  • Selling Calls & Puts

  • Strike Price

  • Levels of Trading

  • Contracts and Contract Prices

  • Open Interest & Volume

  • Intrinsic & Time Value

  • Strike Price & Breakeven

  • Volatility Resources

Trading Psychology

  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Identifying & understanding Your 'Bad Habits'

  • Dealing with Trading Emotions

  • Creating Your Mental Checklist

Putting It All Together

  • Setting up a brokerage platform

  • Choosing & Analyzing Trades

  • Executing Your Trading Plan

Options Strategies

  • Trading strategies involving options

  • Simple strategies

  • Straddles

  • Strangles

  • Horizontal and Vertical Pricing

  • Index Trading

  • Speculation and Hedging

Economy & The Web

  • Understanding Economic Impact

  • Taking advantages of Different Situations

  • Trustworthy News Sources

  • Options Resources

Developing Your Strategy

  • Strategy Ideation and Testing

  • Setting Up a Demo Account

  • Importance of Strategic Back Testing

  • Importance of Journaling

  • Creating Your Pre-Trade Checklist

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