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Futures and Index Trading

At The Foreign Exchange Trading Academy, we like to identify, teach, and track various instruments available for us and our clients to trade.


The Metatrader platform - (depending on broker specifics) can provide access to Equity Indexes, referred to as CFD’s, commodity futures, in addition to Forex pairs.



Benefits include flexible sizes, leverage/volatility, ability to hedge positions, and more. While they can be traded along with Forex pairs, there are some important differences to understand. We can help.


Have a look at this 5 minute chart of the  US DOW 30 with a nice trend - mirroring what the Dow is doing in real time.


World indexes, metals, oil, agriculture, and singular stock futures can be traded. This type of trading is usually on the faster end. Traders usually become consistent with one of these commodities and begin to specialize - (for example gold and silver)


For further inquiries, and to schedule an appointment to discuss how these instruments can be incorporated into your education or how we can trade them for you, call us at 1-877-828-0062 ext 1


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