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Head Instructor Kristina's Simple Trading Video

Predictable trades in one week - Before and After

Head Instructor Daniel's Trading VIX Options 

This is a very simple trade. 


1) I will buy calls if the price is around 12.35 – with a strike price of 13.5 and 2 months out. If it drops to 10-12 – then I’ll buy more calls with the same strike price and month as previously mentioned. I’ll take profit once there is a pop above 14.35 – cashing in around a 25-50 percent profit

2) I will buy puts if the price is at 16 – Ill buy the 13.5 strike price 2 months out and if it stays above – in the 16-20 plus range- I’ll buy more puts. I will wait for a pop down to under 13.5 – and usually profit anywhere between 35-125 percent.
This is definitely a” keep it simple trade”, which also does not require that much money. I used it for students to build up their accounts so they can fund their forex accounts (the only other instrument I recommend trading). I also use it in my closed fund for my members as well as an additional source of revenue. Remember this is a simple trade not an investment.

Easiest way to turn 500 into 2500 in a few days?


Trading options on the Vix is an easy opportunity to trade for a quick and dare I say… Almost always a profitable trade. The Vix usually moves from about 12-20. When there is massive selling, the Vix spikes to around 20, then moves down the next few days to around 11-14.

What to do? Buy options puts when the Vix reaches 18-20.


Buying puts is betting the Vix will go down. Which it will do, because it’s a volatility index, 11-14 is its normal range or trading. Remember this isn’t a stock it’s a volatility index.

How to go about this?

Watch (video clip) one of our head instructors trade


This is a quick simple strategy to make 75 pips ( traded at 2.0 standard lots) so an easy $150 or so in an hour.

How to Download a Metatrader5 Practice Account

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us at 1-877-828-0062 and check out our shop for our products and trading education services.

Go for the July 15s for 75 cents or 75 dollars each… So, you have a month for price to be under 15 that I would buy 5 …75 dollar puts for the July 15s those 75s could turn into 5.00 or 500 per put or $500 into $2500.


You can email the head trader at or call 1-877-828-0062 with any questions.

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