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Personalized Structured Trading Sessions

Trusted One-One Trading Center for the last Decade! NYC Based!

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Free Consultation / 
Meet Your Professional

Schedule a free 10-minute consultation where we will gauge your experience level and interest in the markets and match you with a trading professional that best fits your style

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Book Your Weekly Mentorship

Meet with your designated instructor for your 75-minute 1-1 session either via zoom or in-person

Included in your private session, you also receive:

  • Weekly interactive text support

  • Supplementary materials

  • Lifetime access to TraderDaddy community whatsapp group

Explore Our Plans

Find a program that best suits you!​

  • In-Person or Online Trading Session

  • Basic Charting Classes

  • Crypto Courses

  • 14 Week "All-In" Program (+ completion certificate)

Tired of fake social media traders flashing their cars and fake bankrolls? We are too!!

All they are trying to do is sell you a dream and a course. You’re making them successful not yourself.

For the last 10 years we have been the premier NYC trading academy, helping teach many areas of the market, such as Forex, Futures, Options and other trading instruments.

We offer comprehensive one-one virtual and in-person trading sessions in addition to weekly charting classes all at competitive prices ranging from $55 - $150 per week.

In that week you get:
- One 75-minute private session with a trading professional
- Related material that correspond to the session
- Unlimited weekly support from your mentor

- Lifetime access to TraderDaddy community whatsapp & discord group

 Twice a month in person and zoom trading meetup - Check out Day Traders of New York Beginners and Intermediate Levels on Meetup

Looking to open a brokerage account?

Our trading professionals can help you get setup with a trustworthy broker

Meet The Team



Founder and President of the Foreign Exchange Trading Academy and Traderdaddy since 2014. He is a registered financial advisor since 2012 and has been trading for the last 15 years. He has taught and consulted over 2500 clients in his career: including all of his team members and instructors within the organization. He is a published author on the subject of trading and has taught college level economics courses



Brian has an extensive background in business development, real estate, and 8 years in the trading industry. He is a full time trader and a partner in Traderdaddy as well as the Foreign Exchange Trading Academy. He is a popular mentor, advisor, and content creator within the organization. He specializes in intraday and swing options trading in the futures and equities markets.

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Philip has been a valued partner of traderdaddy and the Foreign Exchange Trading Academy for the last 8 years. He has been involved in the trading industry since 2004 with his site He is an avid forex trader, contributor, mentor and advisor. His expertise in forex and futures and finding beginners workable strategies is his strongsuit. His patience and teaching capabilities sets him apart as one of the top in the industry



Sabrina has been involved with the foreign exchange trading academy and traderdaddy since she was a client in 2015. Recently she has become one of the most sought after trading consultants in the organization and rising stat in the NYC trading scene. She is a full time trader having been funded by prop funding firms twice. The last funding she received was for $600,000. She concentrates on short term intraday trading and scalping of forex and futures and has strategies in gold and Nasdaq futures



Adel has been a contributing member to the organization for the past year. He is our top technical director and also teaches our crypto side of the industry. Adel has worked in the financial industry for the past several years as one of the top producers. He also offers services for help in studying for series exams and other professional exams as well as computer coding and development. 



Mauro is a former intern and now a trading consultant within the organization. He has been forex trading since 2018 and since has recently completed his Masters in Finance. He also has added options and stocks to his trading knowledge. Mauro is bilingual and offers trading instruction for the Spanish speaking community.



Laurie is our newest edition to the team. She is a trading consultant and social media advisor whose main strengths are in content creation. She concentrates on forex and options trading. She is 21 years old, a full time student, and has been trading for the last 2.5 years.

Our Success stories

Our Books Available On Amazon

  • Is it good to read books or use resources online?
    Of course. We have hundreds if not thousands of resources that we give to clients to help them make a customized binder. In addition, our brand new textbook is now available here on Amazon (Kindle Version) or you can contact us for a special discount! ​ Although its good to read about trading, its still a skill, thus action is still needed. The analogy is a beach lifeguard who is ready to start working without ever swimming before. At some point one must jump into the water, and perfect it like any other learned skill. Its just like learning a language. The benefit here is that one can have the ability to ask questions and have a second pair of eyes on trading no matter what level of expertise. for daily charts and personal jounraling by one of our students/senior traders and for news.
  • What kind of commitment is needed?
    We're extremely flexible, yet structured. There are people who do 4-6 hours a week every week to as little as 1 hour a month. Schedules change and things happen. We understand that. As Financial Advisors we would like for you to feel financially comfortable with the pricing, thats why we encourage you to call us.
  • Is Forex the only market you teach/advise?
    We help people with all markets. We primarily deal with Forex, however, we cover other markets upon request such as options or commodity futues trading. We also tutor series 3,7,34,55, and 65 exams, which is usually complimentary.
  • Where can I find more information?
    You can Call us at 1-877-828-0062 for any questions, or you can find more information here.
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