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Structured Programs.

FX, Options, & Futures Trading 

What is Financially Possible?

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Prefer a Hands-off Solution? Ask us About our Private Fund.

Check out our Demo for our 14 week interactive class

Try Stock Options Trading


We have a comprehensive options one on one program in which we outline everything you would need to know and what to look for.

Individual Self Paced 

We offer a self paced class that combines resources and individualized one on one lessons. This is our most flexible option. 

Only $39.99 per week for 14 weeks!

Check out our Trades of the week

Every week we have new trades that we put up. They are interactive so you can push the play button on the chart and see for yourself what the outcome is


"I have been learning at Foreign Trading Academy for the last two months. During 2 month study, I have studied a lot about foreign markets. It's a great chance to know about a new, exciting way to grow your money. Dan and Kristy are good at teaching." 

"There is something for everyone, as the instructor's focus is on your particular situation which is lacking with many other services. Be prepared with some trading goals and you'll see that within a matter of weeks you've gained flexibility." 

"As an Operations Analyst, I have worked part-time with the Foreign Exchange Trading Academy for the past few months. It has truly been an incredible learning opportunity." 


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